Fooled again?

Life is the biggest thief
Dropping like an autumn leaf
It steals away all your years
Leaving behind dried tears
It fools you, letting loose
While its faking a truce
The battle is still on
You're being tramped upon
An escape run is behind pleasures
Without knowing how it measures
Illusive is the happiness that seems
Its nothing like the bliss that beams
Its the one that doesn't exist
But yet, endlessly, so you insist
You keep enjoying the day of birth
Knowing not its hardly a mirth
The truth is that you die
Each moment you live such a lie
Every time a shock comes your way
Making you grow wise, you say
But its the same trick played on you
Why else would you repeat what you always do?
You damn fool! There are no wise men
Not even one among many a ten
If they exist, its not for you to see

But only a good story to tell and glee
Else, wouldn't you follow them instead?
Trying not to lay still on a cosy bed
Having known the pain out here
Yelling every now and then, O dear!
Relishing the picture instead of the place
Sit and watch, against being in the race!
Now that you chose to stay back
Bless you your own lost track
Then happily look back at memories
And those nonsensical poetic diaries!