Terrorism in India

Yesterday's terribly saddening shootout in IISc, Bangalore campus killing an innocent Professor from IIT, Delhi (Prof Puri) and hurting others causes one to ponder so... isn't any amount of humanity alive anywhere?

There's no use in fighting borders
When the enemy is within

There's no use in smoothing edges
When the sculpture is loose

There is no using in tying knots
When the rope is burnt

There's no use in counting steps
When the direction is wrong

Another chapter of history

Yesterday, we were having our usual cafe' talk and from somewhere it went on a serious topic of India's history. Its a very sensitive issue to discuss since most of it drifts into religious debates and hate speeches. But while keeping into limits, we touched upon the various invasions of India and whether there was some benefit left behind by any whatsoever.

Not getting into those details, the talk went on to mean that all of the opinions are subjective perspectives, so we refer to historic books. Prasad made an interesting point at that. He said that history was written by people who had the strength. What this strength means is anybody's guess! I agreed and went on to say later: tradition is what keeps the true history alive.

Food/drinking habits

Someone said brilliantly:

aye kAzi peene de masjid mein baithkar
warnA aisi jagah batA jahAn khudA na ho

For all, it means the same thing, but most stick to one *side* of the meaning, while the others cross over. Well, I crossed back. Why, one may wonder. Though I have personal reasons for crossing back into tea-totalling, here's more to it...

The above shaayari justifies drinking for most in that it doesn't matter if they drink even in the presence of the Lord since the lord's everywhere! However, that means that one should not drink anywhere for some, also since the lord's everywhere! People pick their own paths for whatever conveniences; I picked the latter.

I've been with people who followed ekaadashi-s to the core. I've followed quite some myself. On ekaadashi, or other upavaasa-s for that matter, some starve, other devotees stick to eating fruits or no rice, etc. Once I asked an Iskcon swami why so and he went on to explain that raakshasas get into the dhaanya-s on that day and therefore it has to be avoided. Well, maybe he couldn't explain it well or he didn't know it well. I used to go around collecting info while there to see if I was on the right path. I wasn't, but that apart. People give up onion, garlic and stuff for some reasons on particular days!

A simple practical reason for all this is pretty neat: onion, garlic, etc are taamasic, in that they are aphrodisiacs. Upa-vaasa is basically staying-near (God). In doing so, one must try to be as near as possible. Since the mind is a monkey and jumps around, people went on to be physically around the idols of deities trying to meditate or do some religious kaarya. In doing so, the least eaten the better for reasons of time available as well as concentration. All other stories were built around this fact. Unfortunately, like all times, people tend to stick to stories than morals!

Why I went around ekaadashi narration is because here's where the drinking meets it. Giving up drinking on some days or a month of shraavaN is no better than *following* ekaadashi-s. They might bring in purity for a day, but thats that. Moreover, the idea of "I gave up" brings in more harm than it does good. Religious followings need not necessarily have to do with spiritual ones. Spirituality demands one's being absorbed in the self at all times, religion doesn't. Religion has to do with mahA- and upa-pAtakAs, spirituality doesn't. Still, to me, that I didn't drink, eat or do something on such-and-such a day or at such-and-such a place is tomfoolery since Ishwara is sarvadhi sAkshi bhutam. This means that no one can hide and sin! :)

As an aside, Ramana Maharshi said something to the effect that forgetting the self is the biggest sin! Anyone here who isn't a sinner then?

And the truth died away

The lie always has its way
And the truth dies away

Its simpler to choose the masses
Than to fight the society's races

To be tied from the sweet chains
Than to walk through a million pains

To point fingers unto others
Than to give them a hand

To turn down arguments with wry
Than to pose a shoulder to cry

To backstab a kind friend
Than to walk together till the end

Thus the lie won over again
And the truth died away

History repeats itself

Its interesting to know how history repeats itself and still a person has no control whatsoever over it! Many a event in life are deja vus. A person with a foot-in-the-mouth disease will have it till he dies. He'll keep on blabbering all over town being hit badly, stabbed mercilessly again and again... and yet again stabbed, until he's safe in death's arms.

His prArabdha follows him to his grave... nay... leads him so. Such learning from faults is not for mortals; only one who's conquered death can do so. Why else would one be born endlessly and forget lives of misery? I heard a ghazal yesterday that went:

zindagi se baDi sazA hi nahi
aur kyA jurm hai woh patA bhi nahi

So very true! I don't take the depressing meaning of it. But not one soul here knows what he's doing. People just take ownership for everything that they come across, give lessons to others and not learn anything! We all do that... live for an era, at most, and then die. As Ramakrishna said once, no one's interested in being a student, every one wants to tell others what to do. I, for one, stopped that last year, but thats not good enough. I stopped probing into people's lives, even of those who I care. Its got to be other way round too... I need to stop talking altogether.

As once a wise man said: no good deed ever goes unpunished! Every man for himself is the way of life. Neither a lender nor a borrower be applies not only to money and stuff, it must apply to advice too; it must apply to any sort of sharing; it must apply to everything that there could be. Let people live and die not caring for others... thats how it was, is, and thats how it will be; thats how its meant to be. We live in a society that laugh at other's handicap, that throw stones at madmen and are full of evil. An act of helping done as an act of help, is a favor done, is done for a selfish reason and is done to mean so. Its mean. People who *do* help others don't exist since they are never in the limelight, they never will be and will never claim so!

I concluded something more in the very recent past. All my life I've come across people with holier-than-thou attitude. They may well be so; I don't deny that fact. But its too much to let another's heart bleed for that reason, even more cruel to be the reason for it. That links me to another set of eternal questions: who decides that a war is fair? Who decides that its perfectly alright to kill a huge army of people just because they love their motherland? Who decides the motherland boundaries? Why?

Eat, or be eaten?

Next life, perhaps! Perhaps, never!

ghaTiyantram punah punah

Puzzle addiction

In the past, I've been through IRC addiction. That had long since vanished, but has resurfaced in other forms like some frequent mail exchanges and google talks recently. Most of it has been due to a puzzle-solving addiction that I got hooked on to last Thursday night.

This KlueLESS stuff was good, seemingly inspired from Notpron. What I learnt in this episode of puzzle-solving is that I couldn't focus elsewhere much! I took a break on the weekend and continued Monday a little and finished this morning. In this year, there have been puzzles that were sent as fwded exe-s or the Crimson room and some other similar thing that I'd to solve, but this one was brilliant.

Right now, I'm staying away from notpron in a wait mode. My work needs to be done and another addiction might well cost me my job :) In all fairness, notpron is way out of my league!

At their feet

(Someone had asked me "Who's you Guru?" and from nowhere I replied "Ramana, Shankara & Sridhara are like Dattatreya to me". I was pondering over that later but what I wanted to say is that it hardly matters if your Guru is (seen) different from another's, as long as they're enlightened. Since according to shruti, brahmavid brahmaiva bhavati and thus, all who are enlightened are but that one brahmaN! In short, there's no Ramana, Shankara, Sridhara, as apart from each other, or Dattatreya. Looking forward to Datta jayanti & Sridhara jayanti tomorrow, here's something I scribbled some weeks back. )

To the masters who have trod the path
and to all those who have left their marks

To them who have shown the way
and walked with us, night and day

To those who have opened our hearts
and united our lives full of split parts

To those who didn't leave us in our worst times
and brought bliss to our troubled minds

To those who washed our deepest sins
and drove the attached fears to the bins

To those whose feets are doors to knowledge
I bow, submit and walk the sword's edge.


Similar minds

A 9-pointer test gave out:

... while a 45-er gave:

Incidentally, when some of my friends were about to gift me a book, I guessed it to be Mein Kampf, while another online test had told me that I'm an Einstein. Either its too eerie or all tests suck or both :)

(There's something common between Hitler and Einstein according to the conclusion on Einstein: your ideas will save/destroy the world! :)

Commenting removed

Unfortunately, due to some sick whackos and freaks spamming my blog with all sorts of their hate comments, I'd to remove the commenting on my blog. They've used their blogs to spew venom against my posts. I'm taking the back seat following this post; ignorance is bliss.

People who know my email id may kindly use it to send me comments henceforth.

And finally...

... my last few months at work have gone to a little more than few. That is, from Feb/March time frame, I'm moving over to June/July. This date was worked out after a chat with my boss, who feels that the company as well as I will benefit from pushing the stepping out around then.

My co's win is floating the SR (staffing requirement) next fiscal instead of the current one and my so-called work-contribution till then. Seemingly, it also gives them a good time to locate a replacement.

My advantage is a plan for some cash-in-hand, the tax implications thereof, a place to stay and other personal/ family issues to sort out before I can realize my zero-income plan!

All in all, it may also be their hope that the longer I stay, the more chance of my reconsidering the decision too. Good lord, I hope not!