kevala tuma ho

तुम्ही हो सत्त्व रजस तुम्ही तमस, 
तुम्ही पूर्णिमा तुम्ही अमावस
तुम्ही हो सूरज तुम्ही चन्द्र, 
तुम्ही हो ज्ञानी और तुम्ही मंद
तुम्ही हो सागर तुम्ही नाव, 
तुम्ही हो धुप और तुम्ही छाँव
तुम्ही हो कृष्ण तुम्ही राधा, 
तुम्ही हो पूर्ण और तुम्ही आधा
तुम्ही हो शिष्य तुम्ही गुरु, 
ना मैं करवाऊँ और ना मैं करूँ
तुम्ही हो आसनिरास तुम्ही भक्ति,
तुम्ही हो त्याग और तुम्ही वैराग
तुम्ही हो भक्त तुम्ही योग, 
तुम्ही सर्वस्व और कोई ना करे भोग
तुम्ही हो शक्ति तुम्ही युक्ति, 
तुम्ही हो बंधित और तुम्ही मुक्ति
तुम्ही हो पूजित तुम्ही पूजा, 
तुम्ही हो पुजारी है न कोई दूजा

prabhu charaNa

पथरीले  रास्ते
कांटो के आसरे
यही मिलेंगे चंचल मन को 
अविश्वासी जन को 
पर जो करे प्रभु चरणों का ध्यान 
जिसे चाहिए बेसब्री से ज्ञान 
बस उसीका होगा उद्धार
वही होगा इस भवसागर से पार


ॐ नमो भगवते श्री रमणाय नमः ||

लगे जीवनसा जैसे स्वप्नों का उड़ान
वैसे ही जागृत अवस्था स्वप्न समान
इतना गहरा है यह भवसागर
क्यों वापस डूबना है नापकर?
त्याग दो सभी संसारों का भोग
क्योंकि यह शरीर ही है एक रोग
जानो यह लोभ है माया की शक्ति
पाओ मोक्ष जो है जीवन मरण से मुक्ति
करो नित्यानित्य आत्मविचार
यही है सारे वेदों का सार

श्री  रमणार्पमास्तु ||

Days of our lives

Gone are the days
That make me crave

And gone are the times
that take me to rave

In are the days
That have me to pray

And in are the times
That save me a say

Alas! I long for the days
That won't need me to pray

Ah! those times, when,
I'll have nothing more to say!

Maya pitfalls

I do not understand Maya; not many, if any, do. What I do know are my feelings and one of the major things felt is the strength of Maya. I'm just trying to compare it to the closest matches of our world:

--its like quicksand that looks like a beautiful garden that you go for a stroll in.
--its like the middle of the ocean that you go for a swim in and the ship leaves with nothing around you.
--its like the endless desert with countless mirages around you.
--its like while climbing the highest & steepest mountain, you leave one hand being overconfident and slip down. If alive, you have to start from scratch again!

My weekend experiences were so... I've slipped; I'm alive but its a long journey again.

What one needs to be aware of is you can't strip your most valued ornament and leave aside for some time, thinking of a quick bath. This ornament is meant to be with you all the while. You can't sleep off on a hopping flight when you want to get off midway. You can't take a short nap on the platform when the train is about to arrive. Similarly the spiritual path you follow can't be left for a tempting bypass or a short walk by the riverside. You have to walk this path, always. A moment's distraction is worse than a driver's peek elsewhere on a curvy circuit of an F1 race! Else its like a self-goal in soccer... thats not done!

The voice of God

The voice of God is heard in the depths of silence. This is the one thing that I used to wonder of and being talkative myself, was never sure of whether I'll experience it. Since a few days now, I've been reminded of this again and again and now, I know why.

Dakshinamurti used to teach in silence and so did Ramana do so. That was the height of communication. Very few living, if any, can do any bit of such teaching now. Its only dependent on the ability of the student, the bhaktaa. The grace of God is *felt* in the silence. Silence *is* the voice of God. Its not about words that answer the questions. Its not a voice that is literally heard that keeps on answering the questions that you put forth in your outward silence and inner disturbance. If such is the case, thats the mind's game! What happens is that silence gives you immense bliss. Its like the time you've been through a set of bhajans or dhyaana or something of the sort, immediately following which you're in no mood to talk. You're in fact in no mood to face the world. You just want to remain calm and ignore the world around. Now I know thats the real meaning of "ignorance is bliss". It just happens, there's no stopping!

I've been experiencing amazing bliss in the silent moments. What it means is that I'm ready to dive into the depths of silence, swimming or floating at first and then actually getting drowned. Now is the time! Now is the time!! Now is the time!!!

om tat sat


No one, but a Sanyaasi alone!

Yes, no one but a Sanyaasi alone can give Knowledge. Others think they can, but they can't. They keep on talking endlessly thinking thats the knowledge they're giving, but thats not knowledge. That is something that has come out of ignorance, or ego, or wrong learning, etc. This thing I'm convinced of, beyond any bit of doubt. How is it possible for anyone who's attached to give others the knowledge of detachment? One who has not renounced can't ask people to give up attachment. It has always been "Walk the talk", "practise what you preach" and "actions speak louder than words". Otherwise, its just "easier said than done".

Ramakrishna paramhamsa went up to the extent of telling people not to teach others without being directed by God to do so. He said that one needs permission from the mother to teach. Till then, one is not eligible to do so. Still, the modern day yogi, while being a bhogi, goes on and on taking people away from their followings. One of the very good indicators of a wrong guru is when s/he starts talking ill of other masters or tell people that they're on the wrong path. The true teaching will always mention of all paths leading towards the goal, in whatever capacity. A preacher who tries to convert someone else's faith (forcibly) is neither a preacher, nor has s/he understood their own dogma well. The true teaching has faith as the basis and faith comes without any qualification. It just happens. You're in the water. One can't stand on the shore and say "I'll measure the depths of the water" with the "toe in the water" principle. One has to get in the water. In fact, one doesn't have to make efforts to do so. It just happens unknowingly, more often than not, on the first sight of the water!

Then again, all of this happens only with blessings. Thence, no one has to show you the right path... what you walk, will be the right path.

om tat sat