Eternal Sunshine

There awaits another Sun
Beyond this bright one!
To Him, even this sun is dim
Someday I'll rise up to Him!

For He is always still
Without even a rising will!
No, He doesn't vanish at night
The One, thats always torching the light!

Thats the only way I'll ever win
Getting away from this world of sin!
Thats the Truth I must wholly adopt
Everything else is all for naught!

Thoughts 74

74: Forgive and forget, they say, to mean that one must forgive the person and forget the event. I prefer it the other way now, to forgive the event and forget the person! :)

(This was written sometime around April end, but was saved as draft with another blog on the great void!)

Thoughts 73

73: The choice you make is imposed upon you with a belief that you chose it.