123 politics!

The nuclear interest of two countries were made a joke by the same countries, first at US and now at India. Indian scientists with what 123 is all about, but the Left is too dull to understand anything, far be the 123! Funnily, the BJP is using the opportunity to make a political statement over this by making the 123 a 1-2-3:

1: PM goes back on his commitment and loses his credibility.
2: The Left goes back on its words and loses its credibility.
3: Early elections.

I'm sure that all, including the BJP, know that 3 is hardly a possibility thats why the first two statements by BJP! :)

Things that don't go well with me...

  • Resume: "hardworking", "honest" in strength. If you can't identify a strength, don't write it; but if you've to say you're hardworking or honest, what kind of world are we living in?
  • Management: "We have to execute". So what were you doing so long? Sleeping?
  • Leaders: "I did this...". So your team comes into office for free lunch?
  • IP: Forget the business we are in, lets make money somehow or recover what we've lost! Lets also give those jobless lawyers a livelihood.

Thoughts 77

77: One man's freedom that causes hindrance to another's is not freedom.

Helpless wail

(Its been a year since I started looking for a solitary place)

A year after...

... waiting for You
things still the same...
... worsening every moment
will I ever trace You...
...will You ever call for me?
the pain in wait is unbearable...
... superposed pleasure is a joke!

Thoughts 76

76: The worldly pleasure poses a spiritual pain and the worldly pain is spiritual pleasure!

Thoughts 75

75: The thoughtful may, perhaps, never be happy in *this* world in their search for perfection!