Terrorism in India

(In case you come across any suspicious activity, any suspicious movement or have any information to tell to the Anti-Terror Squad, please take a note of the new ALL INDIA TOLL-FREE Terror Help-line '1090'(Please reconfirm this no. in your area, you may end up calling Senior Citizens' Helpline instead! Delhi Police lists this as an ATS helpline while Mumbai and Bangalore use it for senior citizens! As usual, communication-gap between different states). Your city's Police or Anti-Terror squad will take action as quickly as possible. Remember that this single number 1090 is valid all over India.

This is a toll free number and can be dialed from mobile phones. The identity of the caller will be kept a secret.

Please try to make every citizen of India aware about this facility

I don't remember when I picked the newspaper last and didn't see terrorists blast off a city or town area in India! Some months back, it was Jaipur, Bangalore, Gujarat, some weeks before, it was Delhi, yesterday, Gujarat and Maharashtra, and just now its Tripura!!! There is something seriously wrong with India... make that the Indian govt. There's no use in blaming terrorists if we can't do anything to secure Indian lives and property. The world woke up on 911; India has had so many 911s and of even many times the impact thereof, but now it looks like we've got habituated to it. However, that we don't believe in going to war shouldn't mean we can't do things on a war footing. In fact, its time we treat terrorism as a topmost priority and start budgeting towards *eliminating* it. I've always felt that India has more security issues within than at borders. Anyway, even having tight border security is no use if we have such loose refugee policy; India is becoming a refugee camp of sorts, not only helping those in need, but even those who want to contribute to bombing India apart! Also what good is reaching out a helping hand to neighbours so that they can find work and a place to stay in India, never to return back, and pushing more Indian nationals jobless and possibly even leaving some of them to be exploited by terrorists, gangsters and naxalites? Its just a thought to ponder on. We have never been a country that attacked anyone for any gain and have always retaliated in dire straits. But we know from history of having been looted and raped to no end by invaders after offering help, refuge, a friendly gesture, etc, over centuries by French, British, Portuguese, Greeks, Afghanis, etc. The new age invasion is similar, but the mechanism in which the country is taken to ruins is different. Then the demarcation of enemies was clear, now its difficult to identify the enemy within. Then we had a culture to be proud of, to protect, and that culture helped identify those outside the culture indicating the enemy. Now, our culture is lost due to repeated invasion by many, in many ways, some even unknown to the new generations due to rotten history books we were and are schooled in, that are full of lies and cooked-up stories by the poisonous Western minds then such as Max Muller, William Jones, Macaulay, Mountbatten, etc. They were no less than today's terrorists, since they laid the foundation of damage by taking away the Indian culture, albeit standing apart as a different populace.

And do yourself a favour; at least watch a movie called A Wednesday, a Hindi movie starring Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher. I did guess how the movie would turn out to be in the very beginning, but still that made me watch it twice already. The dialogues do bring back feelings that most Indians carry within themselves, wake up to voice them every time there is a terrorist act (like I do this with blog now) and then sleep again, be it "by force or choice" [sic], thanks to the useless, good-for-nothing, govt of India. For some, it could be an eye-opener; for me, it wasn't since I myself have extreme opinion of everything in life. To me, a terrorist like Afzal is not to be fed on tax payers' monies behind bars. If the govt doesn't have the guts to do the right thing, we'd rather throw away the entire legal system, if there is one still left in India, and get back to barbarian society of jungle raj.

Its not too late to learn from Israelis on how to protect themselves, and at least train each Indian the military way compulsorily for a few years, both to prepare the individual as well as for one to learn to respect India and everything Indian.

guru AgyA

Here's one of Pandit Jasraj's renderings that I liked: guru AgyA.
Raga: Sindh Bhairavi

guru AgyA mein nisa dina rahiye
guru AgyA mein nisa dina rahiye
jo guru cAhe jo guru cAhe so hi so hi kariye
guru AgyA mein nisa dina rahiye...

guru ki mahimA aparamapAra
akshara om mein karata vihAra
guru caranana vraja mastaka dhariye
bhavasAgara hasa-hasake tariye
guru AgyA mein nisa dina rahiye...

Shauk hai

Some months back, I think way back in Jan, Smita-di had sent me a song. I'd heard it back then once and I didn't particularly give attention to the lyrics. Or maybe the mood was quite different to notice those lyrics. However, while backing up some data off the laptop today, I came across this song. And I think I heard it some 6 times back to back already! So here's thanking di for the song yet again. AFAIK, the song is from the movie Guru, try it some time.

raat kaa shauk hai
raat ki saundhi si
khamoshi kaa shauk hai
O shauk hai O shauk hai
subah ki roshani
bejubaan subah ki O gungunaati
roshani kaa shauk hai
O shauk hai O shauk hai
sansani naavalon kaa
ishq ke baavalon kaa
sansani naavalon ishq ke baavalon
barf se khelte
baadalon kaa shauk hai
kaash ye zindagi khel hi khel mein kho gayi hoti
raat kaa shauk hai
O shauk hai O shauk hai

neend ki goliyon kaa
khwaab ki loriyon kaa
neend ki goliyan khaab ki loriyan
bejubaan O uski
boliyon kaa shauk hai
kaash ye zindagi bin kahe bin sune so gayi hoti
subah ki roshani bejubaan subah ki O gungunaati
roshni kaa shauk hai
O shauk hai O shauk hai