Kanchi: questions

I'm tempted to blog this after reading so much of media junk and replies on Shenoy's article on rediff (http://www.rediff.com/news/2004/nov/17flip.htm)

--Madhava's view on Shankaracharya or Dvaitin's of an Advaitin?
If Shenoy hadn't said it, people would've said he's a Madhava. Now that he said it, people think he said it as an alibi that his is an unbiased viewpoint! So he loses both ways. What kind of logic is that? All he said was that despite his not following the Advaita way, he had the comments on the Advaita leader's arrest. He probably mentioned that to say that there are some things that he agrees to, some he doesn't, in the same person/issue. With that, he's my kind of person.

--Manner of arrest?
Absolutely shameful.

--Common man?
His Holiness is not a common man, if kings weren't, politician's aren't and to this day the way people treat their own managers! He is very much a VVIP considering the millions that follow the faith, the mutt and the acharya himself. Moreover, he's an *accused*, not a *criminal*.

--Comparison to Laloo, etc?
People thinking that we ask that he should be let free because Laloos (to mean: and the like) are, is wrong! Its exactly the opposite. If Laloos were (are???) treated as kings till proven guilty, atleast give the acharya the rights.

--Case of murder against case of others?
Its ridiculous to say that since the crimes were different, the way they're handled is different. Sentences need be different based on heinousness, but not the treatment prior to the verdict!

--Tulsi's interview?
Good to see his neutral views. But what was he thinking of when he's praising Jayalalitha? (http://specials.rediff.com/news/2004/dec/01inter.htm) He's literally glorifying her! Look at her past, mister; also look the inhuman things that your officer Prem Kumar has done and even *convicted* in one! (http://www.expressindia.com/fullstory.php?newsid=39174&
now%7Ehe%7Eheads%7Eseer%92s%7Ecase). I hate the law in this country if even after conviction, a person like Prem Kumar is part of the team investigating against the acharya!

--Is my opinion biased?
Yes, because, opinion is defined as a personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty... and only God can take an unbiased viewpoint! If you need all articles, go to www.kanchi-sathya.org. They're doing a good job by posting all the legal documents that have been filed in the HC, not the assumptions made by media!

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