Self hypnosis

If a person does something for a long time, it becomes a part of life, insomuch that the person may not even remember when that something started. It could be called as a habit, but not factually being so. Another reason for such overdoing is hope of leading to boredom and giving it up. A habit would be called so when it can be identified as a disparate activity, categorized and then dealt with (or not).

Other things that can't be identified apart from the daily chores or as something of an overdoing, can still be one. That something is what one would have gotten into as a part of self-hypnosis: a belief. One such belief is the existence of the world as a part of ourselves, or more appropriately, we as a part of the world. From childhood, all our sense feedings have led us to a self-hypnosis... an abracadabra... God knows when the wakeup alarm is set for, when the pendulum will come to rest!
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