Unscientific or unvedic?

Many times we hear the argument from the moderners that goes that the Vedas and Vedanta are invalid since they are unscientific! But that's usually what you get when you compare apples and oranges; the domains of science and Vedas are entirely different, although science is moving close towards Vedanta. I'd like to use an example to show whats actually happening out here. Suppose you have a friend visit you who comes from a totally different geography and background. Do you think he's going to feel at home with your way of living? I guess not. But then, if he goes ahead and says that your way of living is "wrong" or invalid since it makes no sense from his way of living. I take this argument further when applied to science coming into analyze Vedas and assert that Vedas are invalid since its unscientific. Note that Vedas existed beginninglessly before science started to walk. So from the domain of Vedas, science is to be rejected since its unvedic, not the other way round!

It sure does sound foolish for a scientist when such a statement is made, but the only other way to reconcile Vedas for scientists is to put it that Vedas are science, still unknown! In other words, if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. :)
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