For some days now, I've become an insomniac. And this time around, its not because I'm tense or even because I'm at a spiritual high. I don't even know if its the irregular tea intake at times and total lack of it at other times! The funny part is that I'm not unhealthy either. Why then the sleeplessness is beyond me. I do get a little bit of sleep during the day at times when I'm in my chair. Or at other times, when I'm playing chess, after I've made a stupid move, I immediately know that I'd fallen asleep for a brief fraction of time since that move is totally uncalled for!

Some would think that the land mess and my unsettled, going-nowhere, “life”, would have had an impact on my sleep, but its quite the contrary. I see that after a turbulent period of near 3 yrs, life is finally coming through the tunnel. I've stopped planning one way or the other. Anything goes has become an perfectly and happily accepted norm for me in terms of what to do next, where to go, and such eternal questions, inclusive of car, land, belongings, bike, ... everything.

Possibly the mind sleeps when one has a clear idea of what to do next and because I don't have one clear idea, but am careless even about any idea now, the mind has become so lazy that it doesn't even know how to fall asleep! So what to do during the night? I don't feel like reading. I can't play chess since I don't want to keep on losing endlessly in a sleepy state. So I'm blogging now. No content, no material, pure blabber! I don't fall asleep, but I surely do feel sleepy. I think I've found the reason why I don't fall asleep: I'm thinking way too much on why I'm not asleep, there can be no befitting reason. :)

Good night... or is it?
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