Krishna calling

Every once in a while, I feel a strong bliss about things happening around me, all at once. I see a pattern, not something that I forcibly read, but something that is very difficult to miss. Something that keeps on happening till I read well into them. I think now is the moment that I read quite clearly.

I'll just mention things as they happened. Of course, atheists can ignore the same, they will see plain simple coincidences, at most! :)

i) On Monday, I left B.Gita 2.14 shloka as part of my comment on Sai's Facebook wall and used the same as my status msg.

ii) That night, I was searching a blog where a friend had left a comment with a Bhagavadgita quotation some years back and I'd told him that I'd get back to him on that. I couldn't remember when it was or which shloka was it! I did an overview and couldn't find it. The next day, I stepped through each of my 500+ blogs to check the comments. I got nothing, maybe it was on email and impossible to find.

iii) Tue evening, I read a newspaper article about a chap who gave up the worldly pursuit after an MS in quantum physics. His name Dasa told me that maybe they were talking of an Iskcon person. Later on, it turned out it was the Iskcon chief of Bangalore.'

iv) On Wed, I was searching for a chap on LinkedIn whom I'd met some 5-6 yrs back. The search landed me to another fella whose name was Dasa. This fella too turned out to be an Iskcon devotee.

v) Later that night, a friend mailed me about someone who was asking him why Krishna led a war if He is God. (I needn't mention the kind of people and the intention of people who ask this very Q everywhere :) ) We went on with some mail exchange on this.

vi) Today, I was chatting with a good satsanga brother of mine, Syam, who's in New Zealand now. We were discussing how he manages food and he said that there's a Hare Krishna restaurant near his place! I know for sure that thats an Iskcon run chain. Till now, I was only thinking 'what a coincidence', but when I talk to Syam, almost always I become blissful. :) All of the above came rushing into my memories as if flowing in my bloodstream and this blog happened!

I'm all flabbergasted. I told Raghava about my bliss as 'Krishna calling' to which he asked, "which Krishna"? I don't know what struck me, but I laughed out and wrote "Krishna, the Bhagavan of Bhagavan uvAca fame". :)

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