The answer

हरि: ॐ ||

*The* answer to the root of all questions 'Who am I?' can never be found because the only route one knows to find answers to any question is insufficient. The ahaMkArA uses the buddhi to probe the manas leading to dig into smRRiti. The source, however, precedes all of these. The mind has never once, in countless janmAs, encountered the true Self in a way so that it could store the same in memory-- it never will either-- and no matter how deep the ego intellectually digs, there is no answer to be found to the same. Hah! All the tools at our disposal have to be thrown lock, stock and barrel for the answer to appear all by Itself, in the most unexperienced, unfelt, way, wiping out the question itself into non-existence.

What a wonderful journey its turning out to be!! It will all end some time, when time itself will have gone too.

|| श्रीगुरुपादुकार्पणमस्तु ||
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