Natural ruins

(Scribbled something yesterday, wanting to improvise later... no mood to do so anymore, so publishing it raw... including some made up title.)

When the ocean yells at us to talk
We prefer the beach for a walk
While the moon sends the tide,
We bother only to stand aside

The sun shines to show the care
Yet we have so much protection to wear
We've moved from eras of shades from tree
And into one where we fell them as we're free

Without the rains we'd have no water to drink
Taking them for granted we overflow the sink
There's no respect for nature around us
But for a little comfort, we make a huge fuss

We claim the animals too as domesticated
Only for opportune moments have we waited
Worse than viruses do we feed
On everything carelessly like weed

And oh, how we deny greater intelligence!
We surely didn't come along perchance
However selfish be the selfish gene
We humans will remain meanest of the mean.
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