Clear Channel's Power 99 racism

Clear Channel Communications Inc (CCU) that owns Power 99 radio channel aired a racist recording in Philadelphia some time early this month. The target of racism was India and its call centres that are taking work off the US. The recording staged the radio jockey call a company for some sales support of a product pertaining to the hair of his six year old kid. This call was routed to a call centre in India and this somehow made the RJ furious! He went on to abuse the lady at the receiving end.

Unfortunately for the RJ, he assumed that the Indian community wouldn't react at all! Perhaps, he didn't even know the size of the vast Indian race. There were many a ways that we all reacted. Some that took steps to drive home the point to CCU that suspending the RJ for one day is not enough are below.

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I, for one, like the new age approach of hitting stocks, where it hurts most. US companies understand business language the best. So what Aakrosh has done is to talk in CCU's (mind you, not RJ's) language. There's a good amount of finding that went in to see who are the top investors in CCU and what other holdings do they have. Putting pressure on these top investors to pressurize CCU, in turn, to give an unconditional apology is a good way. Let the RJ and the likes know their boundaries so that they keep their cheap vulgarity on their own side.

In case you didn't read the articles/links above, Indians, as a first step:
Please don't use Citibank credit or debit cards on February 10, 2005, in case CCU doesn't give an apology by January 31, 2005.
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