Nobody's above the law?

Nobody's above the law! Ha! How convenient a statement to make when *wanting* to frame someone. At other times, there are *wants* that contradict the above statement.

How? Madam Jaya has gone bonkers, thats how. Well, I never for once doubted her insanity anyway. Still, to clarify what I said, check how the TN dictatorship govt had the seer's case go.

--at Diwali midnight, Jaya gets the Kanchi acharya jailed, saying nobody's above the law.
--makes sure that he doesn't get bail in TN high court, dittoing above saying.
--slaps some more dirty rotten cases against him to complicate matters.
--then has some 25 odd people arrested to involve the case so much as to project that the case is going to take endlessly long time.


--TN court sanctioned bail in assault case (one of the zillion odd cases that the acharya was being framed in)
--During the apex court hearing, seer's advocate made a point that the acharya won't go to the mutt (even if he's needed, the junior acharya could conduct the poojas since thankfully he hadn't been arrested yet... no pun intended by him!) till the charge-sheet is filed (ages still, I guess) against prosecution's charging that the seer would tamper evidence if given bail and allowed to return to the mutt! Supreme court okays bail in murder case and also warns the police about the *manner* of their investigation.

What happened then...
--Acharya didn't go to Kanchi mutt; he went to Kalavai instead.
--Jaya got the junior acharya arrested!
--she also claimed that they do not want to take over the mutt against political party charges.

What's happening now...
The mutt's cheques are not getting cleared because the accounts have been sealed! (not taking over the mutt?)
--Jaya *wants* the apex court to ask the seer to shift out of the four southern states of India. What she said is: His presence will dampen their (witnesses) spirits". (Well, the fact is that while the acharya was in Vellore prison, the most violent of the jailed also had gone sober by his mere "presence").
--Jaya also *wants* the supreme court to delete the parts from the bail order that criticize the investigation!

Now, does Jaya think the Supreme Court is her TN court or her maikaa? And they all used to say: nobody's above the law!!! Well, am I missing a point here: who's the jagatguru???
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