Desireless in desire

Inspired by Ramana Maharshi's biography title Timeless in time, I'm trying to think out loud on being desireless in desire. What I was also trying to understand is inaction in action; action in inaction from Bhagavad Gita. While the former gelled in easily, the latter took a long time reading Shankaracharya's and Abhinavagupta's commentaries on it.

Even the mention of being desireless in modern terms is shocking to everyone! This is something that I personally experienced while discussing many of my recent feelings during my satsanga with some elders. Most of what was discussed was to do with age as well. Its easier to say "at such an young age"! I personally don't believe I'll live long enough to postpone trying & doing whatever I want to try & do, endlessly. While there are others who claim "a man is as young as his heart feels", why can I not get people to agree to my claim of "a man is as old as his heart feels"? I do feel old enough to devote the rest of my life to adhyAtma studies. I don't even say that it will result in something. For me, trying to follow the path with blessings itself would suffice. I've a conviction that such a step forward would be the starting point for everything that a person could ever desire for. This is what I call as being desireless in desire, or desireless desire. Of course, one may well see my desire in desireless desire too!

Till such blessings gain me fruit, jE jE karIsI karma, tE tE karI majha arpaNa!

om tat sat, kriShNArpaNamastu
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