I've always wanted to blog this one; in fact I wanted it to be my first blog entry. However, I missed it over passing time and aging memory. Metablog is (expected to be) a blog about blogs in the same way that metadata is data about data. If we just leave that as another of my stupid definitions, can we move on?

Well, blogs were meant to be, and still do mean, weblogs. How long they'll just remain restricted so is a question not many have answers to. Google (and others) seem to have big plans with various blogs being quite a contributing element. Imagine the (research?) ideas of various people onto your server. Also think of it as parallel journalism in most cases. Or unbiased first-hand opinion or mostly information from known sources. It could even mean democracy or free-speech online. Top all this with cross-references among blogs. Does anyone remember the concept of six-degrees? Google, with their amazing search engine can definitely get the best of blog content to seekers. Not only so, they'll have huge revenues coming from context-based advertising.

Okay, I've been rambling all over the place without a well-defined thread of thought. Try listening to
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