Destiny and free will

We all fall in broadly two categories: the one who believe in free-will or the other who believe in destiny. Then of course, most of us switch gears between the two or mix and match as per the context (read convenience*). I happen to fall in the latter category -- with a pinch (read sea-full) of laziness thrown in, while also believing that the push of free-will over lives decides the drift of destiny. Modern day folks call such ones as careless, at times! But then again, why do the careless care? ;)

Against destiny, people argue why is there so much cruelty in the world? Why did God decide such a fate for the state of the world? ... etc. I'll try to express how an advaitin within me wants to react to such queries. Consider how the sun illumines the world. A thief is free to steal at night when there's no light or even in broad daylight! In either case, can we blame the sun as responsible for the theft? Thats what we do though!

* Good things happen due to me while the bad things are beyond my control.
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