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Today, Malto and I decided to go out for lunch. But backache returning, I was tired to walk. So instead we closed in on eating at our cafe (really un-food food) and asked Radha if he's interested to join. Radha went on "yaar, bahut din se upar kha raha hoon, bahaar chalte hai" and then...

me: I'm not feeling well enough to walk, lets eat some food here itself
R: (reluctantly... mumbling, joins us and goes for a wash; Rag joins in with his tiffin)
M: Have a look at the lunch!!!
me: Hmmm, nothing worth eating, lets go out. Where's Radha?
M: He's in the wash.
me: (bulb glowing) Lets go out after Radha fills his plate :)
M: (smiling) yeah, lets sit at the table

(we wait for Radha, who walks out, fills his plate)
M: yaar, sirf rice liya usne, chappati leta toh aur mazaa ata :)
me: Radha goes for refills, he doesn't fill his plate all at once.
R: (joins us and looks surprised to see us without our plates) guys?
me: Nothing's worth eating, we're going out.
R: kamino
me: Enjoy your slow death :)
me & M: hehe, tata

(Rags is not sure if we're going or would come back)

After we returned from lunch, Malto and I checked in the cafe if Radha needed some company from us, but they all had left already.

Meanwhile, Prasad returns and says that he went out for a good walk in Cubbon Park, followed by a delicious meal at Vrindavan. Moreover, after listening to the story, Prasad went and added fuel to fire by talking to Radha about it.

Radha's still furious and wanting to get back, but he'll be okay.... looks like he liked the food anyways! :)
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