Celibacy and spirituality

Earlier, I've thought and written much on the topic-- mostly on brahmacharya, thats means a lot more than celibacy-- but one of the lectures of Sw. Atmaswarupananda on Religious Consciousness gave me some more food for thought on why non-celibacy could lead one away from spirituality.

When a person even considers a physical relation with another person, s/he is objectifying the other person. Mark the word *objectifying*. Considering a person apart from oneself and desiring towards such an object creates duality. (This duality spreads further into multiplicity). The object identified so, creates a subject, ties up the subject to the body and then on its just tying up more knots. It also is one of the deepest knots to untie... a deeper impression is created thats too difficult to remove.

... And in spirituality, its not more the merrier, but travelling with a lighter baggage is the key!
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