What grace is

I've, in various blogs, put in the word *grace* as I felt it, in theory and practice. Today, I take grace itself and explain purely from my experience of what it has come to mean with me.

Example 1: If I feel helpless about something, looping into questioning whether I am doing the right thing or whether I have blessings and it suddenly starts working out, its grace. Then if I submit completely to the higher realm, everything goes smooth as per grace. Now this would be in sync with my want.

Example 2: If I do not want to do something, but a thought occurs that if I could just get the result of it to aid me, that could be wrong. Then, even if I do not want to do that something and it starts happening, then I shouldn't avoid it. Because there's grace there.

I wanted to blog this since two days but not in detail for reasons that I do not want to mention. If those examples are not clear enough, try reading them as: getting a piece of land, and (earning money towards) building a house, respectively.

Thanking that very personality of divinity
that makes my life tick, taking its turns,
in more-than-i-deserve way!

To him who has become One with brahmaN,
who still walks with me, carries me carefully,
towards his own Self, albeit with his play!

To him I eternally bow, who chalks my path,
and puts me in comfort, so that I may walk it well,
and that tomorrow I may have no say!

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