MS bashing

After a long time, I've returned to MS bashing. When I left my job, I exported my pst files off Outlook. Well, till our servers were the earlier version, things worked fine the way I'd used them. Simple: Copy psts, open them back wherever you want with Outlook. (There's the userfriendlyness as some might say and have you believe so too!) Ah, security flaw, some others may say. Yeah, but how did they fix them?

Here's how: now it asks you for a username and password. Well, they don't work. Why? Of course, because you don't have the same office server (name, id, domain, whatever) back home (or elsewhere), do ya?!!! Who the heck puts the server name and God knows what all in the security hash? Idiots at MS do.

As a result of MS' foolishness, GBs of *my* data are useless scrambled files now! In my defence, in advance, I'd like to mention that I'm ignorant of any new developments, or screwups as they're more likely, at MS on this, some screwed up way of *retrieving* data, etc; so feel free to "fix me up"!

Another great example that strikes me now are the songs that are ripped into wma format. Under the pretext of antipiracy, copyright, IP, MS has managed to screw things up again. If you've copied stored files to transfer them to another system, avoiding the necessity to rip them again, they'll not work, since they've something called license files that you need to export as well. I'm not sure that they'll work even after that, but thats what you need to do! Well, decent solution, perhaps, but unfinished business. I'm no longer an engineer-at-work, but here's what I know: if things need doing at the source, they need a mention at the source, especially when they've changed from the earlier way. How can someone even miss that?!!!
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