Beginner's selfish sAdhanA!

The individual sAdhanA is a lazy path. Unless there's a satsanga around a sAdhaka in immediate access, the mind poses a potential threat using many of its tools. The first and foremost among those is the set of vAsanAs that a person may have carried across lives and at the very least, this life. The immediate past is what one must look back to, learn and scale up plans to prevent anything that affects sAdhanA from recuring. Very closely following pitfall is laziness. This results in procrastination on a minute by minute basis. A person may think that sleep is helping him recharge, but the sAdhaka doesn't have much time to recharge. He should be clear enough that any extra sleep, especially the ones after the sun has shone, is a trap, unless he is really very sick. Any sickness too needs to be analyzed; the very reason a sAdhaka has fallen sick is because he didn't do what needed to be done! Rarely ever will there be a reason that couldn't have been avoided in the first place. There are other traps which are also as important. These ones form up in the shape of fear at times of loneliness when the sAdhaka has missed discipline in his daily sAdhanA. Fear may result in the person sleeping more too! There are worldly bindings that pop up to trouble the sAdhanA. These take the shape of emotions, or other things such as insults, ego issues, hurtings, etc. A sAdhaka may get carried away with these ill intended occurrences and notice much later that all of it was a waste and the time lost can never be recovered. He should also be aware that the money lost in anything other than a basic support of livelihood and sAdhanA is a waste, while time lost in similar activities is equivalent to money lost if he is not earning. A luxury of travel is to be afforded only in case of satsang and darshan when in dire straits. Its also to be remembered at all times that any journey means disrupting discipline that one has taken pains to setup in years in thoughts and acts. Also seclusion is lost in totality in travels, brings more worldly contacts with potential vAsanAs and/ or obligations. Any trip, therefore, is best avoided!

Finally, I'd stress more on money. If a sAdhaka spends more money than required, he's not only lost the money and time with it, but he'll have to earn the same by spending more time. Thats already four times what is lost in monies! Next, every earning cycle is more time spent and more worldly interaction! Of course, its *only* money, but for sAdhanA, spiritual time is the most expensive resource!

isAvAsyaM idaM sarvaM
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