Upcoming blogs

Most of the times, I just put blogs in draft mode and forget about it. Quite a few of them have got published, but some remain incomplete, as mere topics, or as some thoughts that never got elaborated. Since a long time I haven't been able to blog, or even read. I want to revisit another way today: another meta blog entry that talks of upcoming blogs. I hope to write all the following, most of them refutations of endless stupid debates on controversial topics, in arrogance against such arrogance in order to present my conviction that shastras: Veda or Vedanta are ever humble; its a foolish mind that sees them as biased or befitting another *backward* era or things like that.

May Ganesha and Guru bless my journey on blogs that will cover, in bits:
--Caste, Women and Vedas
--Jnana mArga and why it is moksha dAyaka
--Science and Vedanta

And then on, perhaps, I intend to cover:
--ashTAnga yoga of Patanjali Maharshi.

I may or may not delete this placeholder entry after those entries! :)

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