Possibilities galore

"Is it at all possible, any which way?", so feels a seeker at one point of time; sometimes, more than once. Even then, the ego doesn't permit him to let him go. Its also possible that the ego wants him to let go. The mind tells him its impossible, while the ego says that its possible. One shows fear and the other courage, one attracts with craved-for pleasures while the other shows renunciation, the seeker gets tortured being grilled between the two extremes. Funnily enough, confusion raises its hood, every now and then, but since the seeker himself is incapable of taking a decision, time passes by, wastefully. Days turn into nights, and nights into days, without knowledge of them, without anything constructive being done. If the seeking is good, it is stalled by some circumstantial hindrance, that shows up in many ways, be it with your problems or someone else's, or some travel causing a break in seeking. The path lengthens itself by such pitfall and the seeker finds himself at the bottom of the ladder, even after having scaled the rungs many times in the past, due to such hindrances. So whats the way out?

Hold on, have faith. Bear the pain. Taste the poison. Its all the wish of the all-loving God. Thinking that we deserve more than what we get is a craving still and an unfair one at that! So if we've fallen from the path, its to be seen that we do not deserve the higher reward then. Only persistent effort, tirelessly working towards the goal, even when fallen, will bear fruit some day, some year, some life. Just because one doesn't deserve something then doesn't mean that he'll never deserve it. If all had given up on failures, there wouldn't have been many successes anywhere. If we'd given up on falling off on trying to walk in childhood, we'd have never learned to run! Only on falling off many times, did we learn that balancing on two feet is an effortless part of ourselves. So too, seeking is an effortless part of our own existence, whether we do it knowingly or unknowingly. Everyone seeks something, not knowing that that something is not outside but within. Having known this, the seeking for outer happiness turns inward and the wholeness is met immediately.
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