A simple experiment

(Please do not try this if you can't keep off work/ commitment/ vehicle driving)

i) Do not sleep at all for 30 plus hrs or sleep for one hour only.
ii) Carry on the routine as necessary during earlier half of the day.
iii) Do some uninteresting work the 2nd half of the day.

Watch yourself now. Do you feel you're the body? Do you even care what happens to it during those moments of uninteresting work when you'd rather sleep then and there, if not in your cosy bed?

If the deepest sleep, when you're ignorant of this vast world, brings so much bliss that it doesn't allow you to do anything else, how could there be any happiness in the world? How could the worldly objects possibly bring happiness? Is there any happiness outside of you?

Deepest sleep provides you true loneliness. Seeking objects outside gives momentary happiness when the object is obtained since then there is no objective craving that involves the thinking. At that time you're left to yourself completely. Thats the bliss, our true nature, uncovered and unsoiled by objective wants.
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