Supreme bhakti

If we recollect our happy childhood, more than anything else, we can look back on those fond memories of parents and grandparents loving us. Those special moments that tell each of us a different, yet a similar story, of our grand/parents parting with us whatever they valued most. Such stories of sacrifice for their beloved children... anything for them. As we grow up, we grow attached to things and other people. Marriage brings forth another great binding factor; but that, in turn, reduces the strength of the umbilical cord tied to parents. Offsprings reduce the attachment towards the spouse too, increasing the love towards children and vice-versa. Beyond this interesting story, we fail to look and thats where the fundamental problem lies.

The way a person looks at a mirror and appreciates, rather loves, his own self, so too parents procreate themselves unto children to love and be loved. Even so, the Supreme Self creates Itself around oneself to love its own Self! That is the original love or bhakti that we forget and owe, beyond those towards our children, beyond our spouse and beyond our parents. Abandoning children, spouse or parents is considered irresponsible and sinful, socially, morally and religiously, but whosoever even bothers of complete abandonment of one's own Creator? From such a crime, is there a way out? Then how can anyone term any act of abandonment as a sin, which is merely leaving behind all those came later: kids, spouse, parents (saMnyAsa) and submitting oneself unto one's own creator and creation? Even remembering Him within and without, such supreme bhakti is Atma bhakti and nothing other than that!
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