Pak will nuke itself out of the map!

DNA ran an article that was headlined as "Nuke option to help keep India in check". I left a comment there which is the material for this blog.

Basically what Pak is announcing to India is: Even if we terrorize India (Mumbai)...
i) If you attack our space, we'll nuke you.
ii) If you attack our military, we'll nuke you.
iii) If you don't attack us, but voice your tragedy politically, we'll nuke you.
iv) If you don't attack us, but impose sanctions on us, we'll nuke you!!!

Interesting, very interesting indeed. It literally means, that Pakis will do whatever they like, but if India responds in any way, they'll nuke us! Do we have a choice now?

Pakis on their own couldn't develop nuclear bombs, but begged it from other countries. I'm sure that Pakis will nuke those sources too if they stop helping Pak. In the end, Pak will find a way to nuke itself out of the map. They are not only capable of it, but very deserving too; most certainly, they as a country are born with that intention.
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