Meet an ignorant, illiterate professor!

What would you call a person who makes statements such as "Hinduism is the only religion that has failed to negotiate and engage with reason and science"? He is a retard, if he seriously thinks so! Not only does the "professor" think that, he also thinks that it all happened due to varnashrama dharma! Read on for more nonsense. Then this ignorant chap goes on to say that dalits were the ones who were pioneers and inventors of technologies in many fields from agriculture to surgery! I'm sure this fella doesn't know what Veda, Vedanga, Ayurveda, etc is all about. There's more to say, but its just not worth it. Instead I wrote a comment on Times article webpage and pasted here:--------

I was shocked to see this ridiculous article in today's Times!

I'm yet to see a more ignorant and illiterate "professor"!! What earthy style did he dissect the Hindu social system in? The system he talks of has nothing to do with the Hindu religion. This fella should start reading books instead of writing. Dalits were not inventors of technologies used in agriculture, surgery or whatever. All were brahmins. Agriculture, as well as surgical medicine, is straight off the Vedas & Vedangas! How could a dalit who had no access to the Vedas, no learning whatsoever, be an inventor of its contents? Brahmins taught all of their knowledge free, unlike this professor who teaches and writes book to make money. Even today, the labourers work (as taught and trained) and the management earns the fruit. Don't forget though that without those owners, labourers don't have jobs and without labourers, owners don't have businesses; its a give-and-take win-win relation. And its completely fair.

Next, about inter-caste marriage, there are clear-cut rules as given by Manu, not that it is completely out of place. Moreover, the greats such as Socrates & Plato had come up with a caste system strikingly similar to the varnashrama dharma! They were true scholars & philosophers.

As for religious conversions, there is an ulterior motive encouraged by morons such as these. And this professor should give up his job, go back to school and start re-learning instead of suggesting "re-editing" whatever that means. Nobody has edited our spiritual books in the first place for them to be re-edited. At least then, he will be able to know the difference between religion and spirituality.

No one anywhere has said that its "impure to work with hands". Utter rubbish! Is this prof a retard?

PS: Prof, don't go to barbers for surgery of your ulcers and boils please! :)
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