The wake up call

Many Vedantic stories depict how a Guru saves the shishya from the ruins, from the clutches of the world. While a shishya thinks he is doing sAdhana, he forgets that he is doing nothing, but Guru gets it done. These are expressed in comparison of mArjAra nyAya and markaTa nyAya.

Simply put, it is said that while a monkey holds on hugging to its mother and is likely to lose its hold and fall, the cat holds her kitten by her teeth not letting it fall. Similarly, even if the shishya tries to hold on to his Guru, his ego lets him fall so easily that he is lost in the world. Its depths may suck him into a weather he cannot return from. However, meanwhile, Guru has a plan to hold on to the shishya, when the shishya lets go of his own egoistic grip. When this happens, Guru takes care of the rest.

Today, I glimpsed a little of the above. As is also visible from my blog entries, tweets and facebook stats, I've kept myself away from all that is shreyas and involving into laukika totally these days. But today brought a happy change. I woke up with thoughts of Guru and Hanumanta. Why this happened was to unfold later. I switched on my cell to receive wishes of Hanuman Jayanti. I looked up the calender and found Datta Jayanti instead! This also means my Guru Sridhara Jayanti! Unfortunately, I'd missed the brAhmi muhurata and woken up late. I postponed my rituals to the evening. The entire day I found some satsanga online in one way or the other. This, I believe, is an alarm going off, a wake up call to sAdhana. And I just hope it continues, be it in little steps, but without any break whatsoever...

om tat sat

नमः शान्ताय दिव्याय सत्यधर्म स्वरूपिणे |
स्वानन्दामृत तृप्ताय श्रीधराय नमो नमः ||
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