Easing in

Life's just easing in, more so, since this morning! One good reason is I woke up and remained in some sort of a lazy, spellbound sleepy existence, that had a yoganidraa feel, today. Surprisingly, a strong cup of tea also failed to snap me out of it. Then, having woken up out of such hypnotic state, I began to get happier, smiling to myself like an insane person. It lasted through the bath and my daily rituals.

I trace back this feeling of easy living to insane states I'd gotten into a lot of times earlier when I was spiritually bound. In the recent past, I've crawled away from such inclinations and even my readings had stopped. Rather, I'd fallen from my own ideals.

But this automatic switching to such a smooth float on life's troubled waters happened when I realized that all my greedy excuses got bombed by themselves. The luring after money and cars for a short period of time gave me a tense set of months. But then, it all just evaporated one fine day. A thought occurred this morning about all this. If you've money and lose some, you don't mind; but its also true that if you don't have much money and lose it, it doesn't matter either. Many may not agree with the latter part of the statement, but its better to not care much for money and survive, than to live on the edge of money matters. I was just happy to step out of this mucky living, be it so at the cost of some money... finally, its just money!

And now, I'm comfortably numb, again :)
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