Uncharted waters

Call it the fear of unknown or whatever else, the mind refuses to get into uncharted waters. It had rather have you go its own old-fashioned, walked-by-masses lanes, than the road thats beginning to open anew. As the Zen saying goes: "the obstacle is the path"; not wanting to jump hurdles, one eases into mind games.

Once one starts avoiding difficulties and giving into simpler approaches, the lazy flow with the stream continues endlessly. "Everyone does it so, why should I be any different?" seems to be a good excuse, without *wasting* any time further. There's no effort to snap out of habitual living that has built over years, decades, maybe lives that will in turn be the cause of more births! Again, "whats wrong with birth?" is a conclusive question for many. Yearning for happiness every moment of life, attaching oneself with it, feeling hurt when failing to get the object of happiness and hating everyone/everything thats the cause of such failure are mostly the only things that one does in life!

If a person were to be happy without such dependencies, then the happiness becomes permanent. That permanance of happiness without a reason or season is what I understand as bliss. That bliss emanates from inside oneself and gets absorbed into oneself, while doing so enlightening everything that there is. That would be true living, except that the mind doesn't allow such unwavering, unthought, unmoved, unaffected, natural state of being.
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