(Originally written on May 8th 2006, lost and recovered between PCs and places!)

Yesterday, since noon, I was feeling a little uneasy without reason. Even after trying to find out what it was, I couldn’t get anywhere! Later towards the evening I started going into depression. So as not to brush it off on someone else, I switched off my cell and tried to sleep. Through a long night that it was, I managed to catch glimpses of sleep. I woke up pretty healthy, so to say.

Towards evening, this same feel of yesterday started repeating, however with some stupid reason. I tried to settle the issue by working on it twice. Somehow, it occurred to me then that the issue can’t be settled so. It needn’t be. It will just involve itself more since the people involved in it aren’t looking at it from my angle. So just with that ignorance of mine, I began to recover. In fact, I recovered completely, if I know it better. The kind of sadness that took over me in the past 24 hours, in my past experience could take weeks to recover from. Somehow, time measured in those weeks has been measured in minutes then!

As a related issue, since I got onto this vacation of almost a month, I was thinking of planning several months of coming back to spiritual *feel*. After having spent nearly half a year away from it, that’s what I thought would be needed to get back to a glimpse of reality. However, day before yesterday, I slept off at a usual time and got knocked out of sleep in an hour or so! Surprisingly, not only was I wide awake, but I felt such a spiritual high that I wasn’t sure I wanted to sleep more.

Here’s what I feel after all that… its all about energies. Offsetting negativity positively! If someone leaves a feeling of dislike, hate or whatever, its just going to worsen to react similarly. Just love the person more and more and the feeling improves suddenly in a matter of seconds. And it is not at all difficult. I lost my sleep over such stupid feelings thinking around in circles on how to treat the issue. The issue is treated as soon as its seen as a non-issue. Let the person who feels it to be an issue deal with it… I simply ignore it. I love the other person for all the reactions and I’m done there!
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