More on karma

What are emotions, how do they arise, why do they involve our entire being into reacting in anger, love, happiness, sadness and million other feelings? Frankly, I do not know all this. Then what is it that I know about it? They called it karma.

That a circumstance, inclusive of people and surroundings, formed around me for me to react emotionally is karma. How I fell into such an emotion is built over ages. For things we see and have the power to analyze, we termed as habit; but same habitual history that cannot be traced across lives (sometimes traceable in the same life), they termed as karma.

Logically, we may question it, but do we have answers to why a child cries when a certain thing is taken away from it while the other child doesn’t? Do we know why a person grows up with a certain set of likes and dislikes of things without even those being exposed for him to form a habit? All psychology aside, we do not know it for *sure*. So instead of shooting in the dark, “we do not know” is the proper perspective. The same karma is easily understood by mathematicians and statisticians, when applied to inanimate objects, as “law of averages”, while moralists sing “I believe in karma, what you give is what you get returned”.
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