I think this is right and therefore I’ll do it. This is how we live. Many times, it doesn’t work out so. We fall short of effort, or even after putting in efforts, we do not succeed in our mission. Why does it so happen? No one has an answer to this question. Not being able to understand this principle is helplessness. Even if we think that we are right in doing one thing, we’re still not sure wherefrom such a thought of rightful conviction arose! That is indeed helplessness.

Many intellectuals have tracked this thought back to the source and realized that the unknowable will always remain unknowable! That I’ll know the unknowable is an ego that thrashed on its way still not being able to get to it. Others have submitted themselves to the unknown by falling weak in this helplessness. To them, the secret opens up. That acceptance of helplessness is the power that melts the god to show the infinite for the devotee to merge into.

yasya deve parA bhaktiryathA deve tathA gurau
tasyaite kathitA hyarthAH prakAshante mahAtmanaH
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