Boring existence

I found a very interesting topic called *bore* to think about (as mentioned in one of the thoughts) after a friend mentioned that he's getting bored! That set the ball rolling. Not much to do for the major part of the day, while on a vacation back home, brings him a challenge to spend time. That makes life boring, for him.

But if we dig a little deeper, we know that its not true for him alone. No, its not even true only while on an empty vacation. Lets try to see what I'm talking about. Leave aside the people who have to *struggle* to make ends meet... even for a piece of bread (not because the rules don't apply to them, but it'll be difficult to explain as well as accept facts with them as an example to start with). Barring them, consider the rest of us who can easily earn an average living in an average time, say 8-10 hrs. What do we do the balance of the day? And why do we do what we do? We do what we do, because we get bored otherwise. Some of us may say: I exist for others... plain nonsense, with all due respect. I've voiced this earlier, so I'm going to avoid the details. Now, given that we earn for our and our family's basic needs, assume that those are taken care of. What would we do then? We will do something else to *kill time*. We'd cultivate more hobbies and keep busy; for the same reasons again. Look at our retired bunch... same thing there.

Ah, you'd say we all know this.

There's a grave problem underneath all this that I'm getting at. We all *know* it, but we won't *accept* it. If we do accept it, it puts our entire life into shambles. All that we say: I earned this. I did that. Without me, where would they be? Blah, blah, blah. The fact, putting all excuses and justifications aside, is that plain living... simple existence... is boring. Life is boring. We don't know who we are, where we came from, why we are here, where we go, what we do and that bothers us tremendously. Because, not only are we unaware of these, but also have no control over these! Hah, its a cruel raw existence! To get over them, we get into relations, attachments, careers, services, hobbies, habits, religions, playing with our memory, intentionally or unintentionally forgetting ourselves, fooling ourselves, until death releases us from these bindings. Nah, I'm not getting pessimistic. If we take it for a fact and think over it, its a shocking revelation right in our faces!

The first step, therefore, is to accept that we're bound and helpless in the world, not get involved killing time, passing life in broken happiness. Then lies the solution to go beyond the world and its bindings. It all seems simple now. Surely so, without a doubt, without a regret, without a feeling, without a binding, without an attachment, without an emotion, *seemingly* ruthless, with zero patience for the world and its contents, including this body! The freedom is right here, right now!

AnandohaM AnandohaM AnandaM brahmAnandaM
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