The Meaning

The meaning of life, says Alan Alda at the end of his biographical sketch, is life itself! Thats perfectly well put, I must say. Another one that I heard was that life is purposeless, in one discourse of Swami Nithyananda. Don't get it wrong, both mean the same thing, factually. One says that you're living as long as there's life and thats what brings in meaning to it, while the other says that no matter what you do, thats the most you'll ever know about life and its so-called secrets. No answers will ever be found to whys and hows and such. To that effect, life is purposeless too, since you may try to find something or the other to make you happy, run after something, run away from others, make something, break others, build some, ruin some, search, hunt, dig, but thats that. Its an abyss, that levels only to the same place that you begin, making the journey endless. The only way to find the source is to give up and say that neither do I know, nor will I ever do.
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