chitta vR^tti nirodha

In a recent satsanga, I came to know of Ramana Maharshi's explanation of chitta vR^tti nirodha, which is the defining sutra of Patanjali's yoga. It is well-known among commoners of Ramana and kunDalini followers that Bhagavan has made a valuable contribution to kunDalini beyond sahasrAra. However, about Bhagavan's yoga definition either I've read and forgotten or its just something that I find myself immediately agreeing to (a feeling similar to déjà vu thats perhaps common among sAdhakas).

Every vedAnti knows that mind or manas is further divided into manas, buddhi, chitta and ahaMkAra, loosely translated as mind (recursive definition!), intellect, memory and ego. Be as it may, what is important to know that the mind itself functions as what is knows as the intellect, etc... this is exactly what Bhagavan refers to as vR^tti: that is, the mind changing itself into many other names and forms. Stopping this vR^tti is nirodha, and nirodha of such vR^tti of chitta is yoga.

Bhagavan is known to put things in simple words that seem very easy, although factually are difficult. :)

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