From Suyodhana to Duryodhana

Many of us do not know that Duryodhana wasn't named as Duryodhana at birth, but came to be known so due to his evil doings. Obviously, no parents will name their child so! Said Suyodhana wisely so:

jAnAmi dharmaM na ca me pravR^tti
jAnAmi adharmaM na ca me nivR^tti

I know what is righteousness, but I do not have the tendency towards it; I know what is immoral, but my tendency is not to give it up.

Now add this to the debate on "free will and fate" and analyze it with "bad habit/wrong path being easier and good habit/right path being difficult to form/follow". IMO, more than wanting to do the right thing, a difficult choice, doing wrong being easy was what made Suyodhana Duryodhana!

Circumstantially, I don't get to do the right thing, which crushes me so much that I stop trying to do any good at a certain point. Stopping there is a neutral thing to do, which is when Suyodhana accepts that fate rules over free will and he is destined to not having pravR^tti of doing good and he's destined to not having nivR^tti from doing evil. That said, now comes a tougher fact of life: to the ego, being helpless is illogical and to the evil-thinking, there is an easier path of wrong-doing! I'll link this up later...

Let me bring up a question here: which is better of the following two?
  1. Not knowing good from evil, right from wrong at all (recall "ignorance is bliss").
  2. Knowing good from evil, right from wrong, but not being able to act accordingly.
There are answers to this question based on what perspective we take: as a neutral observer or an active participant. From the former, 2 is superior due to his learning, declaring Suyodhana as wise. However, for an active participant, i.e. to Suyodhana himself, not being able to do good, leaving evil, knowing right from wrong, wisely, must have been suffocating! He'd rather choose 1 and be in blissful ignorance, but that too would hurt his ego even if he could go back to being an unwise ignorant fool!

Instead he chose to split jAnAmi dharmaM na ca me pravR^tti and weighed it against jAnAmi adharmaM na ca me nivR^tti. First part is something he could achieve no success with and instead worked on the latter part. If he could do away with wanting nivR^tti from adharma, and instead choose to want adharma, he would meet with complete success, aided by fate as well as free will then! This helped the ego too, so it was the best available solution for wise Suyodhana to choose and become Duryodhana!
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