A blast from the past

Today, while sorting old things to do away with, in order to make space for new things, I found a bunch of memories! These memories were stored in scribbled papers, entrance exam booklets, fee receipts hiding in books, technical and training manuals, practice journals, webpage printouts, chat scripts, random quotes and notes, product literature, salary slips, resumes, visiting cards, etc... the list is almost endless. And as is the case with memories, some are good, some are bad. This time around, however, I cared not much for the bad ones, I've walked over almost all of them however rotten! Among the good ones, I found some paintings and sketches that I'd drawn as a 13-14 year old kid which I want to scan and then, clutter up my blog with them. :) Just a caveat here, almost all of them were copied from cartoon books such as Tintin, Asterix, newspapers, etc, other than a lot of imitations from R.K. Laxman's sketches.

Here's a wonderful poem that I came across scribbled on a piece of paper... I don't recall where I copied it from, possibly a newspaper of a website when there weren't many printers around:

Shattered dreams --by Lisa Richardson
The waters of life
Cascade like shattered dreams
Into rivers of crystal
My emotions take flight
As my soul soars towards the heavens
Carrying pain and regret
Far from their mortal existence
Hopes and dreams
No longer like a beacon before me
They scatter to the winds
Blowing furiously around me
I look towards the future
As I leave behind the past
Only to discover
A mirror image of
Shattered dreams
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