सेतू बांधा रे सागरी...

Geet Ramayan is always a pleasure to listen to or go back to when in dire straits. Tonight, ETV Marathi had a singing competition with Geet Ramayan theme. and it surely came as a blessing. One of them sang Setu bandhaare saagari towards the end. This is a song that is sung by the monkeys while building a bridge over the ocean. While listening to this song, a spiritual note struck me.... it may have passed me earlier too, but I may have not noticed it or voiced it much. The bridge that you build across this ocean of life called bhavasaagara is the one of chitta shuddhi. We need to cleanse our minds of all the bad qualities; in a way the mind itself is a monkey that needs to meditate on building that bridge which otherwise keeps jumping here and there, drowned in the ocean of thoughts. The shuddha chitta then becomes that bridge to walk through the seemingly neverending journey, without wetting ourselves one bit in the troubled waters. The journey might still be long, but we are sure to cross over without being involved and frustrated with the storms.

The only question here is whether the stones that we throw in the ocean in order to build the bridge are a committed set or just another thing to do hypocritically.... so far, I've been doing it the latter way, no doubt. As such, going nowhere!

saashtaanga pranaamas to Ga-di-ma and Sudhir Phadke
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