Impermanence of it all

Hari Om!

Any interest in any thing worldly seems to live its course over a period of time. Some interests live out longer than the others but if I were to look back and see they too would have weakened and died off. With all of us, its true. Some notice it, others don't. Those who don't notice it wonder why they get bored and look for more to keep them happily occupied, while those who do notice it think there's something wrong with them and look for ways or shrinks to fix themselves up. Among the latter are a rare category, demented as per the rest of the worldly crowd, that search for answers outside what the routine offers, that is-- ignoring the masses. They would, sooner than later, conclude that its the impermanence of the happiness in the objects, including subjects that we tend to treat as objects.

Its said that when a dog chews a bone, the sharp edges of the bone bleed the dog's mouth and it likes the taste of its own blood, only misunderstanding it to be the taste of the bone! Similarly, the reason for all of happiness from the objective world is our own independent happiness uncovered during pramoda. That alone is permanent. While a only glimpse of such is happiness, when totally tuned to, irrespective of the instruments of the world, one is sure to get a free flow of bliss. Wanting such bliss, one could hardly look back into the world for objects, knowing well that not only are they not long lasting, but they just uncover what can be permanently held on to, only if everything else is dropped. Eventually, everything will drop for the sake of That alone. Till then, its just deviating into impermanence of it all for the time being, so as to survive as long as it takes to become blissfully whole, knowing fully well that I will come back to what is meant to be.

om tat sat
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