“Go deeper”, said the monk, to a person who found iron in the forest. Moving on, he saw silver. Still further, finding gold, he was unsure if he should stop. He moved on till he reached diamonds and other precious jewels, not knowing where to stop. (If Radha’s beauty is so charming, how enchanting will Krishna be? If Maya is so bewildering, what will that God be like? ) Suddenly, he thought that if the monk knew that there were these precious a jewel in the forest, why did he go barehanded? He realized then, that the monk had nothing, didn’t want anything and that made him happy. And so goes the story. Its not what one wants or what we have that makes us happy, but not wanting anything does! It is said-- wise men leave things before things leave them!

As Sridhara Swamiji says, the degrees of happiness are priya, moda and pramoda. Whatever thing we like is priya, wanting it is moda, while the experience of happiness on getting the thing is pramoda. Further, he says that the experience of happiness in pramoda makes one forget one’s own features, characteristics, etc, i.e., one’s own identity. This is due to the fact that the thing doesn’t bring happiness, but at that point we don't have any other desire. It gives a glimpse of what our basic nature is: ananda.

आनन्दहम् आननदोहम् आनन्दम् परमानन्दम्।
आनन्दोहम् आनन्दोहम् आनन्दम् ब्रह्मानन्दम्॥

ॐ तत् सत्॥
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