Indeed, its a very difficult state to be in. The other types of bankruptcies are as hard-hitting as the cash. The other banks we have are: technical, moral, spiritual, etc.

The technical bank has more to do with the work we do, the day-to-day chores that keep our life going. Generally, a fresher at work starts with the best enthusiasm that gets her to do whatever it takes to make ends meet. She's very excited to go out of the way and trying out new things at job. Then the so-called professionalism hits her that expects her to do most things in only pre-defined ways at work. That pulls down the efficiency. Next, the intrusion at work, irresponsible management, workplace politics, etc turn the person into run-of-the-mill... and bingo, she's company!

In a moral bank, things vary from person-to-person. Whats proper for one need not be so for the other. (Its more like one man's food is another's poison). Factually, whats morally right for one at one point may be quite wrong on another occasion. Its a balance of ethics! But these days, there are more moral bankrupts than earlier generations saw.

There's another bank. Well, its one's faith in some thing... a blind faith, that is. Its that inherent thing that exists for you since time unknown. You feel those values at thanksgiving, when in dire straits, its the fear while you do something wrong, after you've done it... or at other times, but they've really been with you at all times. If you doubt that to be a spiritual bank, then perhaps, you're spiritually bankrupt!
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