Passion of life!

What do you think is the aim of life? We love, hate, eat, drink, sleep, etc and as we look back each day on our achievements, where do we stand?

To what extent will one go to live her own life? Or as the case may be, to live someone else's? What is fair, whats not? Whats good, how bad is one? Who is to decide that? We vote for a govt. We don't. Either case, we crib later! What do we want? What do we all want? What qualifies as a successfully lived life?

These are some of the questions that run around in circles for me as I look back. The moody self that I am, I turn momentarily happy at small things in life... like the fresh breeze of air while on a bike, a kid's smile, sunrise/sunset, birds chirping. Then there are times that make me upset. Be it a lonely afternoon or for that matter, no reason at all. These ups and downs take me through each moment of the day and will be so till I die. But all experiences teach me that no matter how happy or sad I am, I live on. This, I do blissfully.

So isn't life meant to brush the day to day things aside and look within for the eternal bliss? As I write this, I age and take one step closer to my death that awaits me to ask: what have you learnt this life?
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