Elementary, Watson!

We all remember this, don't we? I wasn't a voracious reader (I'm not now, either!) but as a child, I used to watch Sherlock Holmes' serials on the idiot box. In later years, we put the good dialogue to insulting use... er, ummm, I mean: to good use, for insults :)

There was a time when we used to troubleshoot problems with medical equipment (that was my job then, as a part of technical support work). Having noticed/solved the problem, my colleague and I were addicted to using the quote *against* each other to say: "Grow up... don't you still understand this?" or more soberly, "I got it... I got it first". It seems very childish, but it was fun.

We'd lost touch of each other since a few years now. Very recently, I used the trick on this friend's birthday by sending an SMS and not signing my name. Instead, I ended by saying "The kind self that I am, I'll leave you with a hint: Elementary, Watson!"
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