Heart versus mind: a perspective

More often than not, we are stuck with decisions between the heart and mind. My heart tells me a way that my mind is against. Why does it happen? Because the heart is selfless, whilst the mind's selfish! There are various ways to deal with such times; the best ones get you to thinking back in loops and leading you nowhere!

What could be done then? Here's what: Take a break and do what you like best, that is, focus elsewhere for a few days. Pray, read, go for a trek, watch M*A*S*H or a few movies, listen to music, whatever. By the time you've finished all this, the problem under consideration earlier would be:
(i) solved... great!
(ii) unsolved (as is)... it doesn't really matter then, since anyway you've continued living your life.

Both cases sound good enough. Ignorance *is* bliss.

If there's a case (ii) that matters, then you're back in *circles of thought* scenario, leaving one very good solution that always works: Toss a coin. You didn't have a choice anyway.

caveat: The title reads *a* perspective, not *the* perspective :)
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