Mumbai tragedy

Surviving Mumbai provides links to all emergency information that one might need in these times of Mumbai's tragic rains. While Amchi Mumbai is moving very slow from the standstill and falling back again due to the cyclonic rain lashes, one might want to look up the tips given in the link before venturing into the city.

My friends had scary stories of survival to tell from their Tue-Wed experience. While one friend spent the night on Andheri station and walked the next day through chest-high waters to her Bandra home, another chap walked it through the night from Worli to Dahisar for 16 hours in such a stream! Another friend of mine went in search of his son and had to stay in his kid's school overnight due to the flood, while the kid spent the night in the schoolbus hungry!!! My brother was lucky to have been at Lilavati on Tuesday and making it home at Vasai, the next evening, without a lot of trouble. Electricity, phones, food & water all have taken a bad hit.

I don't have such information from other parts of Maharashtra, but I dare not. There've been an unbelievable weird number of deaths and those who met up with accidents have little hope in remote hospitals that've flooded themselves too.

God, show a little mercy at times please. We've seen enough of your power already and no one seems to be challenging you!
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