Puzzle addiction

In the past, I've been through IRC addiction. That had long since vanished, but has resurfaced in other forms like some frequent mail exchanges and google talks recently. Most of it has been due to a puzzle-solving addiction that I got hooked on to last Thursday night.

This KlueLESS stuff was good, seemingly inspired from Notpron. What I learnt in this episode of puzzle-solving is that I couldn't focus elsewhere much! I took a break on the weekend and continued Monday a little and finished this morning. In this year, there have been puzzles that were sent as fwded exe-s or the Crimson room and some other similar thing that I'd to solve, but this one was brilliant.

Right now, I'm staying away from notpron in a wait mode. My work needs to be done and another addiction might well cost me my job :) In all fairness, notpron is way out of my league!
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