At their feet

(Someone had asked me "Who's you Guru?" and from nowhere I replied "Ramana, Shankara & Sridhara are like Dattatreya to me". I was pondering over that later but what I wanted to say is that it hardly matters if your Guru is (seen) different from another's, as long as they're enlightened. Since according to shruti, brahmavid brahmaiva bhavati and thus, all who are enlightened are but that one brahmaN! In short, there's no Ramana, Shankara, Sridhara, as apart from each other, or Dattatreya. Looking forward to Datta jayanti & Sridhara jayanti tomorrow, here's something I scribbled some weeks back. )

To the masters who have trod the path
and to all those who have left their marks

To them who have shown the way
and walked with us, night and day

To those who have opened our hearts
and united our lives full of split parts

To those who didn't leave us in our worst times
and brought bliss to our troubled minds

To those who washed our deepest sins
and drove the attached fears to the bins

To those whose feets are doors to knowledge
I bow, submit and walk the sword's edge.